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Thursday August 11th, 2022
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Capcom Service Bulletins

Special Thanks to William Pfutzenreuter for making this information available

The availability of these files does not in any way release Capcom Coin-Op's ownership of copyrighted material. In addition, Capcom Coin-Op can not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the contents of these files. These bulletins are not for resale and are available as is. There is no implied warranty.

As of 1997 Capcom Coin-op is no longer making Pinball machines. They have consented to their Pinball & Novelty Service bulletins freely posted on the Internet. All the bulletins here on GameArchive have been converted into HTML format for easier printing and reading.

Description Games Effected
Electronic Compatibility of Capcom Classic pinball vs. Standard pinball BS vs. PM AB FF BBB KP
Airborne Power Supply PCB Miswire AB
Breakshot Power Driver PCB Miswire BS
Nightwarriros/Darkstalkers Revengs Operators Manual Correction (video games)
Street Fighter the Movie, No Credits (video)
Street Fighter Alpha, Maximizing Earnings (video)
Street Fighter the Movie, Part numbers (video)
Software Game Adjustments for the Stage & Wand PM V1.01
V1.02 Software Update PM V1.02
Volume Control of CPS II (video)
Ball Drain When Exiting Orbit Shot PM
Pinball CPU, LED Diagnostic Error Codes PM AB BS FF BBB KP
Pinball Sound PCB LED Diagnostic Error Codes PM AB BS FF BBB KP
Game Difficulty Setting, Marvel Super Heroes (video)
Pinball Magic V1.03 Software Update PM V1.03
Marvel Super Heroes, New Game Feature (video)
Mechanical Coin Meter Installation PM AB BS FF BBB KP
Pinball Magic V1.06 CPU & Sound Software Update PM V1.06
Half Of Dot Display Goes Blank In Diagnostics Only PM
Removal of 2.2K Ohm Resistors from Switches PM
Ball Falls into lower Cabinet PM
Switch Error Message in Troubleshooting Menu PM (applies to:) AB BS FF BBB KP
Replay Score Level, Maximize Earnings PM
Prototype vs. Production PC Board Compatibility PM
Intermittent `SLAM TILT' on power up BS
Pinball RS232/coin meter PCB upgrade kit PM AB BS FF BBB KP
K-010 Dot Matrix Display Upgrade Kit PM AB BS BBB KP
Update the coin door interlock plate and switch bracket PM
Pinball Printer Kit Installation Instructions PM (applies to:) AB BS FF BBB KP
K-008-2 RS232/coin meter/printer, PCB upgrade kit PM (applies to:) AB BS FF BBB KP
K-008-5 RS232/Coin Meter/NSM PTR/ PCB upgrade kit PM (applies to:) AB BS FF BBB KP
Retro Fit Kit For Magic Sling Shots, and Flippers PM
The 2 versions of Airborne Left Up/Down Ramp AB
Circuit breaker tripping at turn on. PM AB BS
Airborne V1.4 Software Update AB V1.4
Copyrights are RomStar, Gamestar, & Capcom Coin-Op Inc.
PM = Pinball Magic
AB = Airborne
BS = Breakshot
FF = Flipper Football
KP = King Pin

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