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About GameArchive...

GameArchive was registered in 1997 by Paul Wisneskey to try and pull all important information relating to arcade video games and pinball into one central location. It was a natural step for a handful of seperate sites that had been built and hosted on the old machine owned by Paul and sitting in his apartment in Blacksburg, Virginia. Sites such as Jess Askey's Atari Vector Game Page, Ian Boffin's Sega Vector Game Page, Travis Haagen's Atari Pinball Page and Curtis Hart's Video Game Article Archive were the cornerstone of the new GameArchive which was then hosted by our friends at

As GameArchive grew, the amount of new information overwhelmed the maintainers and the data started to become old and stale in comparison to other sites. Since much of the original information had gradually dispersed across the web and was showing up on other web sites, the use the original GameArchive site lost it's importance. This presented a problem because GameArchive was a collection of over 300 static HTML pages hand written in text and updates became tedious very quickly.

In July of 2002, Jess Askey began re-writing the entire GameArchive site using apache, PHP and postgresql. The goal was to re-establish GameArchive as a central resource for game information using public information currently on the internet along with a data driven backend that allows users to update and maintain the entire site with only a small amount of moderation.

GameArchive is currently run and maintained by Jess Askey in Laramie, Wyoming. GameArchive is an AthlonXP 1900+ running Mandrake Linux 9.0, Apache, PostgreSQL and PHP. Of course all the latest security patches have been applied so please don't hack us!.

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