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Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Utility Programs

Vector Viewers

I have finally created a graphical version of the Atari Vector Dissasmebler, it is called AView and is made to run in Win95.


  • TASMx: This is an excellent macro assembler that supports multiple processors. I have modified the original source to be more flexible with the macro definitions.


All of the disassemblers here are based on the same engine. They use a .dat file to specify labels, comments, commentlines and the origin address. There are currently PC executables for the following processors. (Thank you to Sean Riddle for letting me customized his original code).

Other Video Game Info

After many late nights of hardware decoding I came up with these two descriptions of the Vector Generators.(Actually, only the Color VG took "work". The B/W VG info was compiled by Duncan Brown. Thanks Duncan!!)

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