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We will make every attempt to answer emails sent to us here at GameArchive but sometimes we cannot keep up with the flow of email. If your question does not get answered, please consider visiting the Frequently Asked Questions in the appropriate section.

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How much is my game worth?

That is a tough question to answer without lots of info and even then, it basically depends on how much someone is willing to pay. Condition of the Backglass, Playfield, Cabinet and if the game is working all add or subtract from a games value. Even games in perfect condition may be worthless if nobody is interested in that particular game. In general pinball machines are worth from $25 to $4000. Older generally means they are worth less unless they are in excellent condition or are rare. Take a look at The Internet Pinball Database to find the exact specs of your game and then look for similar games on Ebay for price values. Keep in mind that shipping a game across the country is expensive and often makes selling your game on ebay less worthwhile.

Who can fix my game?

Take a look at the 'Parts & Repair' section of the site or do a goole search for 'pinball repair' or 'arcade video game repair' for lots of other companies. The best solution for fixing a game yourself is to post a message on 'rec.games.video.arcade.colleting' or 'reg.games.pinball' newgroups. There are hundreds of avid game collectors with lots of repair experience in both those groups!!

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