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Thursday July 25th, 2024
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TASMx: Arcade Assembler Program

TASMx is a program based off of Thomas Anderson's TASM shareware assembler. I needed an assembler that could handle macro expansion plus be customized for the special Williams Pinball Macro Instruction Set and mimic the old Atari PDP-11 and VAX based Macro-11 Assembler. Since I didn't want to do this from scratch, I decided on Thomas Anderson's TASM because I could register it for $40 and get the source code. TASM is an extremely flexible assembler that will work with all the classic arcade processors right off. In order to add some more functionality, I added some features to the assembler directives... mainly the ability to 'pull' and 'push' data onto a stack within the assembler. Be sure to read my addendum's to Thomas' Documentation for an explanation of these.
Note: TASM is shareware as described on Thomas Anderson's homepage at While TASMx is available here to download, you still need to agree to the terms of his license.

Some Features

Because TASMx is a macro assembler it is *extremely* flexible to meet your needs. Once of the major enhancements provided by writing some macros is that it now supports simple C style logic and loops. If you have programmed in assembly you can appreciate how this will eliminate hundreds of local labels.
            lda     scrflg,X                ;Already Holding??
            ifmi                            ;yes, must look for slow down
                    txa                             ;is X=0
                    lda     mazvyl-2,X
                    txa                             ;Which vel to use
                    lda     mazvyl-2,X              ;X is 2 here

TASMx Documentation

Firstly, you should refer to the new documentation.... Original Documentions specific to TASM is located at the Squak Valley Software Homepage.. Here are the #include files I have created for easier programming... NOTE: These will not work on the standard TASM assembler as they utilize the .push and .pull assembler directives only available in TASMx. See below to do download TASMx.


This downloadable .zip file contains all of the Standard TASM files. The only changes are that the TASMx executable is included and the TASMx User's Manual has replaced the original.


If you have questions.. email Jess Askey.

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