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Atari Pinball

.....Welcome to the Atari Pinball website! This site has been created to provide information about the few pinball machines that Atari produced during the 1970's, and to hopefully improve their reputations as machines worth preserving by the pinball community. The games featured exciting artwork, and innovative playfield designs, but were plagued with technical problems which have made several of the games fairly rare over the years as they were often either dismantled or thrown out by their operators.

.....There is still much work to be done to make the Atari Pinball website as complete as possible, so I would like to ask for submissions of ROM images, switch settings, and detailed gameplay/scoring descriptions. The page for Airborne Avenger is the most complete thus far and should serve as an example that one day all other game pages will mirror. Please e-mail me if you are able to make a contribution to this website. -Travis Haagen


Airborne Avenger Superman Time 2000
4x4 Atarians Hercules
Road Runner Middle Earth Space Riders
Neutron Star More Protos & History  


September 30, 2001 - We're back on GameArchive!


Troubleshooting Gas-discharge Displays

Repair Contacts

Atari Pinball Troubleshooting Guide (PDF - 7.58mb)

Atari Rom ID List (Dale Luck)

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