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Friday September 22nd, 2023
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Williams Pinball

Late Model Motor Manufacturer

On 03/29/2002 Rick Harrison posted the following to the Mr.Pinball Classifieds.
    I'm coming clean on the Williams Motors Supplier. After much thought and e-mails to all of you, I am supplying you with the manufacturer of many Williams motors so you can go direct. I have seen too many people on eBay listing motors that don't even match the machines they are selling them for. I started out wanting to make a few bucks on nominal markups but the prices for many of these motors are just too high from the manufacturer. Most are in the $60.00 range with the exception of Funhouse and RoadShow jaw motors ($15.00) and TZ clock ($15.00). Multi Products Corp - Design and Manufacturer of Gear Motors, can be reached at 262-554-3700. My contact is Dawn. Multi Products is the company that supplied these motors to Williams during the manufactering run of these games. They didn't do all Williams games, but, if given the speed and gear pinion specs, they may be able to reproduce a motor for you; such as F-14 rotating light. All motors come with appropriate gear or gear box attached at the factory. No 'pulling gear and gluing' like some eBayers claim is so easy to do. The motors with gear boxes tend to have a longer (4-6 weeks) lead time and they are usually $60.00. Well, that's it. I owe this to the hobby. I have a few Funhouse motors left so I will be selling them at good buy it now prices on eBay shortly. As for all of you, give Dawn a call, be PATIENT, and tell her Rick Harrison forwarded you to her. She's gonna either love or hate me for it. Good Luck on getting the motor you need, AT COST. If you want a list of the available Williams motors and their prices, e-mail me your fax number and I will fax it to you. I urge you to get this list before calling Dawn. This will help to expedite your order.

Sad Sad News....

On Oct 25th 1999 a WMS Press Release stated that WMS would cease to build pinball machines. Williams was the last of the original (old school) pinball manufacturers around and after over 50 years of quality games, they decided that the market was just too weak. It is very disenhartening to hear this news. Williams has been my favorite pinball manufacturer since I was 11. All the way from Black Knight to Star Wars, Edition 1 their games were quality fun. I will surely miss them.
WMS Industries (Owners of Williams Electronics Inc. and Bally Manufacturing Inc.) still maintains an excellent web site on the games that they had manufactured. Other sections of interest there include past games, a collectors corner, tech support, distributor info and other fun stuff.
Also check out their final attempt at reviving pinball at the Pinball 2000 web page... pinball was never the same... until they closed their doors and it suddenly became the same again. Only one pinball manufacturer survives now... Stern Electronics.

Game pages here on GameArchive....

NEW! If you have ever wanted to build your own pinball machine or never got the chance to work at Williams, then checkout the Williams Level 7 PinBuilder Page. This is an ongoing project to document and make available system information on Williams Level 7 (and up) pinball operating systems.

I have been adding these manuals and direct links to each game within the Flyer Archive. Special thanks to Ted Estes who took the time to donate his entire collection of Operator Manuals for us to scan.
Thanks Ted!!! :-)

Well I figured that since this info popped up on RGP lately (Thanks to Ray J. and Duncan B. ;-), it gave me the perfect opportunity to put up all the different System Schematics and the very nice Troubleshooting Guides by Williams. If you have any specific requests or see any typos in the HTML please email me and I will see what I can do.

Some Notes:

  • All .pdf documents can be downloaded and read with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader. Many of these files use Acrobat v4.0 so if you are having problems, try downloading a new version from adobe. Version 3 will not work on the newer files.
  • All HTML'ized manuals were designed for Netscape 3.X in 800x600 mode.

Level 3: Level 4: Level 6: Level 7 : Level 8:
  • 5/84 - Pennant Fever - Pitch and Bat game.
Level 9: - Troubleshooting Guide (.pdf 3.3meg) Other Newer Games:

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