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Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Bally Pinball

I wrote up some theory on the Bally MPU board while I was trying to fix one of mine. You can read it here.
Get Acrobat Reader Here!! NOTE: You must download Acrobat Verstion 4.0 or higher for many of these files to work, Acrobat 3 is not compatible

FO-560 Pinball Troubleshooting Procedures (.pdf 4.9meg) - This is an *excellent* resource for repairing Bally circuit boards. This was scanned and donated by Damon Beals!

  • Power Transformer Module AS-2877-6 (.pdf 157K)
  • MPU Module AS-2518-17 (.pdf 262K)
  • 6 Digit Display Driver Module AS-2518-21 (.pdf 154K)
  • Solenoid Driver/Voltage Regulator Module AS-2518-22 (.pdf 198K)
  • Lamp Driver Module AS-2518-23 (.pdf 227K)
  • MPU Module AS-2518-35 (.pdf 259K)
  • Auxiliary Lamp Driver AS-2518-52 (.pdf 163K)
  • Sounds Plus Module AS-2518-56 (.pdf 211K)
  • Vocalizer Module AS-2518-57 (.pdf 186K)
  • 7 Digit Display Driver Module AS-2518-58 (.pdf 121K)
  • Squalk & Talk Module AS-2518-61B (.pdf 226K)
  • Say it Again Module AS-2518-81 (.pdf 145K)

    Game Specific Manuals(minus schematics)

    Some Links..

  • Tom Calahan at the repair connection has some excellent troubleshooting tips and replacement parts at his website
  • Clay has an amazing amount of info on newer Bally/Williams repair plus lots of restoration tips at

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