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Sega Vector Game Page

Note: All ROM Images and Artwork are property of Sega Enterprises Inc.

Latest Additions...

11/06/97 Zektor ROM images added!!!
11/06/97 Eliminator switch settings added
11/06/97 Tac/Scan manual cover updated
02/04/97 Space Fury, Zektor and Tac/Scan switch settings added
28/03/97 X-Y Convert-a-Game System page added


The Sega Vector Game Page is dedicated to the handful of arcade games manufactured by Sega/Gremlin that used a vector "XY" monitor. Unlike many of Atari's vector games (Asteroids, Tempest, Star Wars etc.), Sega's vector games are relatively unknown, and even non-working games are becoming increasingly scarce.

Sadly, many of these machines were pulled from arcades and converted to other, less problematic, games. The most depressing tale of this that I have heard was in the UK, of a Star Trek cockpit converted to a Pole Position. There cannot have been any more than a dozen Star Trek machines in the UK at best! :-(

This page will eventually serve as a resource of information for anyone wishing to own or repair any of the five known Sega vector games. They may be a pain to keep running... but they're worth the effort! There is also stuff about each game and how it plays etc. for those of you (like me) who simply wish to remember what great games they were. Hopefully someone someday will get around to emulating these lost classics (hint! hint!) so we can all play the likes of Tac/Scan and Space Fury again. ;-)

Special thanks to Jess Askey for all the help, XY-Man for the flyers, Mark Jenison for writing the Sega/Gremlin X-Y FAQ upon which this page is almost entirely based, Al Kossow for the switch settings and Rick Schieve for the help and encouragement.

Where it's at...

Some of these may not work - yet! Be patient.

All suggestions, questions and relevant information can be sent to... Ian Boffin

The Sega Vector Games

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Eliminator Space Fury
Zektor Tac/Scan Star Trek

The above list of games are the only known X-Y games produced by Sega/Gremlin.

There is a flyer which promotes the Sega X-Y Convert-a-Game system that shows another X-Y game called Battle Star. It appears from the screenshots on the flyer that this is NOT a prototype name for Eliminator or Space Fury. The flyer actually depicts a Space Fury being converted to a Battle Star! The Space Fury sound board is named "Battle Star", but it is possible that Battle Star itself was a complete game that was never released.

Go to Convert-a-Game page

The X-Y Convert-a-Game System

The Sega/Gremlin Convert-a-Game system was designed so an operator could easily convert from one game to another by simply changing artwork, control panels, game cages and monitor orientation (if required) without having to extensively re-wire the cabinet. The conversion could also be done entirely from the front of the cabinet.

Each Sega color X-Y Convert-a-Game system consisted of what is known as the G-80 system.

The Electrohome G08 X-Y monitor

The Sega X-Y Convert-a-Games came with the infamous Electrohome G08 X-Y monitor. This monitor is notoriously unreliable, and is probably the main reason why these games were junked by operators so quickly. It is commonly joked about amongst owners of these prickly beasts that if you operate one of these monitors you should also be the owner of a fire extinguisher (and keep it handy).

Repair Tips

This will eventually be a seperate page dedicated to getting and keeping these games up and running. The entire G-80 system (monitor, power supply, board sets) is far from reliable, and even if it's working now it'll most likely get sick in the future.


So you have a Sega/Gremlin X-Y game, and have been looking to add to your collection of Sega/Gremlin X-Y games. These games are generally hard to come by, and even if you do find another, it is likely that it won't be working. However, due to the modular nature of the G-80 system, if you can gather just a few of the pieces, you may be able to convert game "X" to game "Y". As with the "Repair Tips", this will be another dedicated page.

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