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Thursday July 7th, 2022
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Zektor Pic Zektor


Released: 1982, Color XY, Horizontal, 1 or 2 Players
Notes: Zektor is the rarest of all known Sega XY games (assuming that Battle Star was never actually released). Only in the past couple of months has a complete working boardset for the game been located. This seemingly 'lost' game has been restored by Mark Jenison for the benefit of all Sega XY collectors..

I will update the game description when I have had a chance to play Zektor myself. ;-)

Game Description

Zektor is quite similar in gameplay to Space Duel or Space Fury. It may even be a sequel (of sorts) to Space Fury.

"Dangerous Dann" Frank contributed this description of Zektor, taken from the manual, flyer, and his personal experience of the game.

Objective : "To recapture eight cosmic cities that have been seized by an evil cadre of alien robots."

Each city is named in alphabetical progression (and increasing difficulty) in this order..

Faltar speaks! 1 - Ascella
2 - Baitos
3 - Centaurus
4 - Denebala
5 - Eridonus
6 - Faltar
7 - Graffas
8 - H.. ???

Each city's liberation begins with a different "Robot" image and voice confronting the player..
The robot ruling "Faltar" had a deep male voice stating..

    "I rule Faltar now, you will have to fight for it!"
There are also female robots such as your fifth round adversary who declares..
    "I have conquered Eridonus. You will not take it from me!"

To liberate each city, the player must defeat three 'waves' of enemy FIGHTERS and ROBOPROBES that are often 'shielded' (in red) and who fire lethal zig-zag shaped 'Zizzers' at the player's ship. Enemies who are shielded must be hit several times to weaken the shields before they are destroyed.

Also there are three types of MOBOIDS to destroy, their features are as follows..

Zektor Wave
Green Moboids.. 'Spin' player's ship on contact and 'bounce' enemy ships
Blue Moboids.. 'Bounce' all ships
Red Moboids.. Destroy all 'unshielded' ships (including Player's ship)

After defeating the three waves of attack, the alien Robot holding the city appears within three concentric rings (a la "Star Castle") through which a 'Slot shot' can be scored 'neutralizing' the Robot and earning the player a Bonus ship and advancing to the next level. Zektor Neutralize
I'm not certain what happens if you don't 'neutralize' the enemy robot before it "escapes".. but I'm sure that you do not score the vital "Bonus ship" though I'm not clear whether you still advance to the next round, though it seems likely.
Having never got past "Faltar" I don't know what happens after you conquer the eighth city.. presumably you start over with increasing difficulty (as in Space Fury).


The screen is surrounded by a 'force field' which I believe acts to keep all combatants in view (preventing "wraparound" as in Star Trek and bonus waves of Space Duel)

The Zektor brochure promotes the use of a "new" rotary player control used to steer the ship. It also describes the idea of "converting" any upright SPACE FURY and ELIMINATOR games.. which leads to the conclusion that the game appeared before TAC/SCAN and STAR TREK, since they both use the same rotary control. The EPROM numbers for Zektor support this theory.

Apparently the last boss was the alien from Space Fury.

Zektor Cabinet

Board Configuration

1 - CPU board (EPROM 1611, chip 315-0082)
2 - X-Y timing board
3 - X-Y control board
4 - Sound board
5 - Speech board (EPROM numbers 1607 - 1610)
6 - EPROM board (EPROM numbers 1586 - 1606)


    1 Player Start, 2 Player Start

    Encoder wheel, Thrust, Fire


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