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Jess M. Askey

You can view my resume in both .doc and .pdf formats.

Some History - Notice: This is out of date... :-)

I was born in Chicago, Illinois... Home of Pinball and the Blues Brothers. Both of which make up quite a bit of my twisted persona. I only lived there until I was two, when I moved to State College, Pensylvania
Anyway, I now live in Laramie, Wyoming and have been here about 10 years. I consider this my home, please come VISIT . There are under 450,000 people in the entire state and we have LOTS of SPACE. Im curently working at Trihydro Corporation as a developer and architect for win/webforms applications. Trihydro is an environmental consulting company that provides a large array of technical services to many large manufacturers around the world. I spend my spare time restoring pinball machines and taking care of the nine I have at home. They keep breeding and Im running out of space it seems.
  • I now have a new Linux machine at home connected via DSL to the internet so I registered the domain, right now there is not much there but my hopes are to set up a genealogy site for the Askey family and provide free email and web hosting for anyone in the family.

  • I bought a house in July of 1998. We are doing lots of remodeling, tearing out walls, taking out plaster and lathe, re-wiring, insulating, and plumbing. All the wood floors need refinishing as well so we have our hands full trying to get done. This summer (2001) we will do some major work including putting on a new roof, 7 new windows, adding an upstairs dormer, and pouring a cement floor in the barn. There are some older pics of the remodel available. Overall, our general picture gallery is accessible via

  • Our Friends Bryan and Kris got married in 1998. Here are some pics.

Pinball/Video Stuff

    I collect pinball and video game flyers. These are much smaller than whole games so they take up much less space, my inventory is a bit out of date and so I do not have a current trade list.

    I spend lots of time with Williams Level 7 pinball machines and can pretty much generate compilable source code for all the games. I am currently working on an updated game ROM for Jungle Lord to fix some bugs and to make the gameplay a little more exciting. If you have any Level 7 bugs that need fixed, drop me a line. Next up is adding background sound to Defender (1982).

Games Wanted to Buy!!

Im looking for the following games, so if you happen to have one, let me know. Any condition is fine.
  • 1983 Williams Warlok Pinball
  • 1981 Stern Catacomb Pinball

My Game Collection

I mostly collect games that I played as a kid at the arcades in State College. Growing up in a college town was excellent especially in State College because we had a few of the finest arcades around. Because the arcade scene was so large, there was not a game produced that we didn't get. Lots of games showed up early as test games and disappeared suddenly if the game was a flop, but at least I got to play them all! :-) Most of the arcades were very large... Playland was the biggest with around 40 pins and 90 video games. Campus Casino was down the alley and was more of a hangout+pool hall, carpeted walls and floors, with about 35 pins and 30 video games. Another great arcade was Play-a-way Arcade, it went out of business around 1982 and became the Space-tion. Play-a-way was the first arcade my dad started taking me to around 1979, they had all the classic vids and quite a few electromechanical pins to play. I used to watch the high school kids play Silverball Mania, Seawitch, Nineball and Flight 2000. Those guys were the masters back then. Out of all the arcades in State College, only Playland has survived (well, until 2003, then it closed). Through a close friend, I managed to get the original outdoor lettering for the 'PLAYLAND' signs from both the calder alley entrance and the front entrance. :-)
  • 1933 Pacific Novelty "Contact"(Designed by the late great Harry Williams)
  • 1963 Williams San Francisco Pinball
  • 1981 Williams Pharaoh Pinball
  • 1981 Williams Jungle Lord Pinball - Info and Rulesheet I wrote
  • 1981 Bally Centaur Pinball
  • 1981 Williams Hyperball
  • 1982 Williams Cosmic Gunfight Pinball
  • 1982 Williams Solar Fire Pinball
  • 1982 Williams Robotron 2084 Upright Video Game
  • 1982 Williams Defender Pinball
  • 1983 Williams Time Fantasy Pinball
  • 1982 Williams Joust Pinball
  • 1983 Atari Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back Cockpit Video Game
  • 1983 Atari Alpha 1 Upright (Major Havoc Prototype) Video Game
  • 1988 Atari Xybots Upright Video Game

Other Parts Etc..

Questions, Comments... Email Jess

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