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Cinelator - A Cinematronics Emulator

--A Paul Kahler / Kurt Mahan project--

This page contains information about the Cinematronics Emulator created by Paul Kahler and Kurt Mahan.
New Version for '99 The newest version supports all Black and White Cinematronics vector games except Speed Freak - sorry, there is some problem with it. I just wanted to get this out there for people to use, so this page will not see much change in the future. Other emulators with more developers have got these games running (but not in a window).

rom images not included.

What games does it play?

 1. Ripoff        5. Demon         9. Star Hawk          13. Boxing Bugs
 2. Star Castle   6. Solar Quest  10. War of the worlds  14. SunDance
 3. Armor Attack  7. Warrior      11. SpaceWar 
 4. Tail Gunner   8. Barrier      12. *Speed Freak

*not working

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