Jess & Shannon's House

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We are fixing up the house everywhere. Hopefully we will be done by winter. We found out that this house was probably built sometime in the 1870's. It was originally a house at Fort Sanders which used to be a bit south of town about 100 years ago. When they closed the fort, this house and about 8 others now in this area were moved here and sat down on new foundations. Each house was then renovated in some way and made bigger. This house had yellow wood siding on it at one point but was probably stuccoed during the depression when the cement plant here has to give employees cement instead of pay since times were so hard. There are an amazing amount of stucco houses here in town.
Here are some of the pictures of the inside of the house that we are working on.
Here are some pictures of the inside of the house before we bought it.
These are pics of the outside before we bought the house.

Front View from South corner

Front View from North corner

Front of House

The BBQ Pit: Garage on left, barn in distance

BBQ Pit from rear: Garage on right, Back of house on Left

The Barn from the back porch

Barn on right, backyard in rear.

The dead tree and yard behind the chainlink fence.

The second backyard.

The second backyard from the rear

The back fence from the alley: Tree in background

The back fence again: Rear of Barn on left

Rear View