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Thursday July 7th, 2022
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Red Baron Logo

Red Baron

Red Baron Cockpit

Game Stats

  • Cockpit: May 1981
  • Upright: June 1981
Notes:Black & White,1 or 2 Players. Uses almost identical board as Battlezone. Used "mathbox" for 3-D realistic polygon vector graphics.New feature added called Skill Sense to automatically adjust difficulty. Morphing Cabinets

Game Description

Red Baron cabinets were actually Battlezone cabs, with a couple of modifications done. Red Baron was the second Atari vector game to use their new 3D interface. This game also used the newest sound chips designed by Atari(first in Battlezone), these were called "Pokeys". They had 4 independent voices per chip and made music and special sound effects possible.
Alfred Urrutia gives this game description:
    Red Baron is much like Battlezone in the air. You starts out flying over mountains going against a trio of enemy biplanes. After a few waves you get to shoot at some derigibles and some ground targets. The intitial waves have none of the enemies shooting back. By then next cycle the derigibles and ground targets start shooting back. They shoot rounds similar to Battlezone tank rounds. Shooting the biplanes before they can start their runs on you gets you the maximum 300 points. If you can hit the wingmen while engaging the lead (center) plane they blow up while still facing you. Very cool looking. Sometimes only one or two biplanes appear instead of the usual three. You can crash into mountains, although you can also shoot through them at the ground targets. Your guns can overheat if you shoot constantly. It takes a couple seconds of not shooting to cool them off. If you allow one of the biplanes to get behind you they almost always shoot you down (little Snoopy-sopwith-camel style bullet holes will track across the screen).
It used a single analog flight controller with a fire button.

PC Versions

Red Baron is supported by the following emulators...


Red Baron Operators Manual (.pdf 5.7meg)
Red Baron ROM Images(No mathbox)
Red Baron DIP Switch Settings
Red Baron Pinouts

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