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X-Y Monitor

X-Y Monitor Page

This section contains information on all the monitors used in Atari Vector Games. You will find Schematics, Theory of Operations, and other miscellaneous stuff. I just finished re-scanning all the schematics that are here, they used to be unreadable and now they are much better. If you have any problems please let me know-->Jess Askey

Picture Tubes

  • Bret Pherson scanned in this CRT cross reference manual for Art Mallet and posted it on Vectorlist you can download it here (.pdf 3.4meg).

  • Rodger Boots posted this information on RGVAC (Thank you Rodger!).
      I finally found a source for replacement vector monitor tubes! And they have no minimum order and will do business with individuals!! The company is Richardson Electronics, LTD. and the phone number is 800-222-2787. Their Web Pages are at
        19VARP4 (B&W vector), Phillips M47EAA7WS tube will be sent. Price is $115 each.
        19VLUP22 (color vector), National Electronics brand, $165 each.
      They will probably be able to supply any other CRT you need, also. Prices sound good to me (excellent considering these tubes aren't supposed to be available according to most people). A big plus to using new tubes is NO BURNS!

    Wells-Gardner Monitors

    Most Atari games used monitors by W/G, even the raster games. Lunar Lander and Asteroids used an Electrohome G-05. Anders Knudsen and Jeff Hendrix and completely redesigned the low voltage power supply of the 6101 monitor. It is an easy to install and very impressive upgrade kit to ANY 6101 monitor. X-Y monitors just got a bit more reliable! Checkout their page for more info.
    Gregg Woodcock has written a VERY intensive overview on the Wells-Gardner 6100, I HIGHLY SUGGEST READING it. It is available in Text Form.
    Zanen Electronics sells a "get well kit" for the Wells-Gardner 19K6101. Call them at 806-793-6337 and ask for Kit #206, it is $14.95 and contains 30 parts. Be sure to read these improved installation insructions.


    The Amplifone monitor was custom designed for Atari in hopes of being more reliable and "crisp"(visually not electronically) than the Wells-Gardner 6100 that suffered from so many deflection problems. Well, they were. The Amplifones had a very well designed deflection circuit and it was very stable. Unfortunately.....the High Voltage unit in the Amplifones (specifically the HV Transformer) was poorly designed and failed almost in every case over time. This was probably the downfall of Vector games. After this second attempt, most operators gave up on the "touchy and unreliable" vector games. David Shoemaker found BU406D transistors available at:
      Computer Component Source
      FAX: 1-800-926-2026

    • They are $1.89 in quantities of 1-11 and $1.59 in quantities over 12. Thanks Dave!
    Need a new HV Transformer??? Checkout Cinelabs. Great prices and a great design!! A much better alternative to the Wintron Units.
    If you bought a new HV transformer from WinTron, please read these new "corrected" Installation Instructions
    Zanen Electronics sells a "Get-Well Kit" for the Amplifone as well. Ask for Kit #410, it contains deflection transistors and some caps and costs $8.95. They are also working on replacement Flybacks at a more competitive price


    If you need a fire extinguisher for your G-08, checkout Kidde

    Electrohome made two models of X-Y monitors. The G-05 was Black and White while the G-08 was color. The G-05 was used in both Lunar Lander and Asteroids. The Electrohome G-08 was used exclusively by Sega but caught fire often. I have included the schematics for both here just for reference.

    Zanen Electronics sells a "get well kit" for both Electrohome Monitors. Call them at 806-793-6337.
      Kit #104 is for the G-02/G-05, it contains 9 parts and costs $4.95
      Kit #110 is for the G-08, contatains 18 parts and costs $18.95.
    Chris Candreva would like to note that the diode between the flyback and the tube (Part# H1812) can be replaced with either an SK7333 or ECG/NTE 527A.

    beware the resistors.......

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