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Thursday July 7th, 2022
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The Vector Collector

Okay this is very small right now but we will see what happens!!! If you have anything interesting that is not game specific then let me know and we can put it in here somewhere.Ian Boffin's Multi-game Control Panel Overlay So, over right now Ian Boffin is working on this cool (maybe I should say vivid) control panel artwork for a multi-game system. His overlay is designed for either a Space Duel, Gravitar or Black Widow Cabinet and contains controls for all those games plus Major Havoc. Now that the artwork is done, Ian is wondering how to get it into some sort of adhesive form as close to an original overlay's material. If enough people are interested and some people can help Ian out finding information on producing them, he will get some extras done. If anyone has any info contact Ian Boffin and let him know. You can click on the image above to see a larger version. Ian says that the larger bitmap doesn't even compare to the proof that he has.

Empire Strikes Back Multigame

Clay's ESB PCB Clay Cowgill has designed some PCB kits that take away *most* of the work involved to convert your Star Wars into a ESB switchable game. The PCB is pictured and includes the basics. You will need to get yourself a PAL and the appropriate ROMs however. (Sorry I don't have the capability to burn PAL's). Thanks Clay!!!

Look What's Talking!!

Quadravox Speech Producs has done some masterful hacking of their own code "QBox" to help implement speech on the old(and obsolete) TMS5220 Speech Synthesizer. This has been a Major hurdle for me in the last year...but their version of QBox5220 will let you take .wav formatted speech and encode it into raw binary LPC code fit for ROM pasting. Granted you will still need to figure out how to put this data on the game ROM's but that is for a later discussion. In my *new* version of Major Havoc (Should be done next summer) I will add the capability of speech to the game and this new tool will make it possible. So check out their QBOX Web Page, there is no specific information on the QBox5220 software but will tell you all about QBox. The QBox5220 software is currently $90.

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