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Thursday July 7th, 2022
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Space Duel

Upright Cabinet


  • Upright: February 1982
  • Cocktail: April 1982
Notes: Color XY, Horizontal, 2 Player Simultaneous. This game took the Asteriods theme even further by introducing dual player play, multi-shaped spinning Asteroids as well as many new enemies. Owen Rubin took over design of the game from Rick Mahler... Owen commented this....
    I took over the game and changed it a lot, eliminated the rocks, added the color and the "3D" objects. Rick's early work did include the two ships tied together, but little game play associated with it, and no real control of the ships with each other. I took the concept along and added a bunch of other things, like the small little "mines" that keep you from lurking in the corner, the bonus wave, the stars and fuzz balls, and the burning fuse! Plus all the sounds. It was about 25 to 30% done when I took it over.

    Funny story on it: I moved Space Duel in its "Asteroids" form to be the FIRST color XY game and worked with the early color XY system. it would have spinning color asteroids, color explosions, etc. I wrote a bunch of color macros to add to the B&W XY system already in progress. Then, Asteroids Deluxe came out and the idea of a color version of Asteroids was pushed off. Given that, I started reworking the game to its current state, but it pushed off the game in time. First Person Space Invaders was being developed in XY, and since it was ahead of me now, the color system was moved there. Never heard of First Person Space Invaders? The concept didn't work, and was changed to become Tempest! It still got the first color system. My audio routines and color vector macros and all! *SIGH!*

Two software versions for Space Duel were released from the factory.

Game Description

Space Duel is the first and only multi-player interactive vector game by Atari. This feature it itself makes it interesting and actually really fun to play. The game is based on play from Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe but offers more enemy types and challenges. There is also a bonus round where each player can earn extra points . There is one cheat documented, it can be found below. Space Duel is a very colorful and fast paced game making worthwhile for any collection.

PC Versions

Space Duel is supported by a few different emulators. Checkout for much more info.


Space Duel Operators Manual (.pdf 6.1 meg)
Space Duel Schematic Scans, individually right now.
Space Duel Memory Map
Space Duel ROM Images
Space Duel Pinouts
Space Duel DIP Switch Settings


Players can rejuvenate their shield power in the bonus rounds by bouncing off the walls five times while holding down their shield button.
You can also save your thrusting and rotating speed (but not the 4 shots per screen) by pressing your shield button just as you are hit by an object (Donated by Matt Shaw)

Picture Gallery

Space Duel Manual Space Duel Flyer: Front Space Duel Flyer: Back

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