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Thursday July 7th, 2022
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Jeff Hendrix's Upright Quantum (Touch up by Ian Boffin)

Game Stats

  • Upright: November 1982
Notes: Vertical, Color, 2 player Alternating. Quantum had many qualities that made it a unique vector game. It was the only other Vertical vector game produced by Atari,(Tempest being the other). Quantum was not developed "In-House" at Atari but by General Computer Corp. who had created the much fabled Missile Command 'Turbo-kit', being later sued by Atari. The final settlement involved a two game deal, Quantum being the first and Food Fight the second. Quantum was also one of the earliest uses of the 68000 microprocessor by Atari(maybe the first), it had a 16-bit data bus and an 6 MHz clock speed. These advantages gave Quantum some real power. In the high score entry, a player would actually "sign" his name using the trackball. Im not sure if the Vector Generator of Quantum was modified to increase performance but it was capable of drawing SOLID vector graphics. There were two software revisions compiled.

Game Description

Enter the fantastic world of QUANTUM. A totally new high energy video experience from ATARI where players probe a subatomic world to capture stray atoms without bing destroyed by deadly particles.
Quantum incorporates unique QuadraScan video graphics with a midi Trak-Ball control to offer and all newvideo skill challenge. The Trak-Ball is used to guide a probe or "Sparker" over the screen to capture particles by drawing a complete circle around them with its tail.
There are various particles on the screen to capture. First, there are Nuclei around which Electrons orbit. When a nucleus is snared and explodes, the electrons change into Positrons which if they are encircled before flying off the screen, are worth extra points.
During later waves, the Pulsars appear. The pulsar travels toward the probe, pulsing its arms in and out as it moves. The probe is destroyed if it makes contact with any part of the pulsar.
Other deadly particles to be avoided or captured for extra points include triangular Photons, self-dividing Splitters and diamond shaped Triphons.
In later stages of game play, the nuclei join together forming bonds. The probe is destroyed if it crosses a stable bond, but can safely pass through one that is unstable.
As the game progresses, the number of nuclei, bonds and enemies increase, along with the speed of all the objects in general. For the advanced player, double points can be collected for circling more than one object at a time.
A key feature is the players option th select a starting level or "rack" by circling the desired number on the attract mode. Bonus points are scored by beginning play at higher levels.


Schematics for Quantum are now available Individually or as a .zip archive
Version 1 ROM Images
Version 2 ROM Images Thanks to David Fish!
Quantum DIP Switch Settings
Quantum Pinouts

Picture Gallery

Quantum Flyer: Front Quantum Flyer: Back
Thanks to Nic for the scans!!

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