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Thursday July 7th, 2022
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Gravitar Upright

Game Stats

  • Upright: June 1982
Notes: Horizontal, Color, 2 Player Alternating. Same boardset as Black Widow. Apparently the prototype.. "Lunar Battle".. was a bit harder.

Game Description

In Gravitar you must pilot your ship to different planets within a solar system. On each planet you must evade the enemy patrol ships, destroy the main reactor and then escape. But along the way you must replentish your ever decreasing fuel supply by picking up fuel pods. The prototype for Gravitar was called "Lunar Rescue".
When Gravitar first came out it was not liked very much, especially by operators, they thought it was one of the worst games in the world. Replay magazine actually had a "Move over Gravitar..." rating for dud games (In their opinion at least).

A Cheat:

    (David Brown notes:) There was a bug we used to use with Gravitar. It's been a while, so the details are sketchy, but on one of the planets (visible, positive gravity) there was a place where the vectors of the planet didn't meet quite right. If you allowed your craft to land very gently ("like a cotton ball" we used to say) on that break, it would go right through. You were then inside the planet and could shoot the bad guys from inside. We never worked out a way to get out or to do it on the negative gravity planets, so it wasn't really useful, but it was a fun trick.


Version 3 ROM Images (Courtesy of Miranda C. and Zonn M.)
Version 2 ROM Images
Gravitar Pinouts
Doug Jeffrey has created a hack to run Gravitar and Black Widow on the same board
Gravitar DIP Switch Settings
Gravitar Self Test Error Codes

Picture Gallery

Gravitar Manual
Gravitar Flyer: Page 1 Gravitar Flyer: Page 2 Gravitar Flyer: Page 3 Gravitar Flyer: Page 4
Gravitar Ad: Page 1 Gravitar Ad: Page 2

Gravitar Links

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