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Thursday July 7th, 2022
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Ship Dodging Asteroids

Asteroids Deluxe

Asteroids Deluxe Cocktail

Game Stats

  • Upright: May 1981
  • Cocktail: May 1981
  • Cabaret: April 1981
Notes: Horizontal, Black & White, 2 Player. Upright cabinet had backlit asteroid field . 2 Software Versions Exist.

Game Description

Asteroids Deluxe obviously improved on the basic idea of Asteroids. New to the game was the SHIELD button which will protect you against a deadly collision.It took care of players that would go "Saucer Hunting" at the end of each level by having a KILLER SATELLITE come out and hunt down the players ship. Shooting the KS would cause it to break into 3 smaller ships that would each have to be destroyed.


Signature Analysis Guide by Peter Fyfe (.pdf 20K)
Version 1 ROM Images
Text Description of ROM Version 2 enhancements (By Greg Woodcock)
Version 2 ROM Images
Asteroids Deluxe Pinouts
Asteroids Deluxe DIP Switch settings
Self Test Error Codes

Picture Gallery

Asteroids Deluxe Manual Asteroids Deluxe Flyer: Front Asteroids Deluxe Flyer: Back
Asteroids Deluxe Fact Sheet: Page1 Asteroids Deluxe Fact Sheet: Page2 Asteroids Deluxe Fact Sheet: Page3

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