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Thursday August 11th, 2022
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Cloak & Dagger/Agent X

Brian Wiklem was kind enough to send me these pics of his newly aquired *gem*.

Some History

In early 1983, Atari was developing a game called Agent X. As few of 5 of these actual Marquee's were produced and probably only about 100 game PCB's. 1983 was a tough year for video games since their novelty was wearing out and interest was moving towards the home video game market. Because of this, Atari decided to tie the game Agent X into the upcoming movie release "Cloak & Dagger". Atari hoped that this name recognition would help make the game a raging hit. So while "Agent X" was still late development, they changed the marquee art and the PCB etching to "Cloak & Dagger". Also, because of the video game pinch, the game was only mass produced as a conversion kit for existing games.

Brian's Game

Brian just got this dedicated 'Cloak & Dagger' cabinet. Not only is this rare but it has some interesting features as well. Firstly it is in a production 'Crystal Castles' cabinet which was in production during 1983. It also has sideart similar to the conversion kit but it is actually fitted to the cabinet nicely and is larger. Atari was doing some really nice things with the side art and front art right around then and this game is no exception. The art is very detailed and it's everywhere. Lucklily this game is still in very good shape too.

The control panel also has a 'feature' that was very rarely seen. There is a handmade label with "Atari Key Club" printed on it. Apparently Atari was trying out a new idea at their chain of arcades across the country. If you joined the "Atari Key Club" you would be able to get special prices or maybe even free games. If anyone actually knows more about this let us know so we can post it here. Brian is also very interested in learning more about his game.

Other Info

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