Time - January 18, 1982 - Games That Play People - Arcade games made it to the cover story of Time. Looking back on this article, it's funny to read how parents over-reacted to their children playing these games. Small article about Steve Jurasek (Who played Defender for over 16 hours on one quarter) in here as well.

U.S. News & World Report - February 22, 1982 - Videogames - Fun or Serious Threat? - Are kids getting so bad about skipping school to play games that towns are starting to pass laws prohibiting them from play?

Newspaper Article - April 28, 1982 - A teenager dies of a heart attack while playing Berzerk. Arcade games' first fatality

Newspaper Article - May 30, 1982 - Kyle Riley and Jo Linda Richardson exchanged vows in an arcade in a Pac Man themed wedding.

Changing Times - September, 1982 - The video game business - it's easy to lose. - Think the road to easy money is opening your own arcade? Think again. Learn about how you should be weary of this lucrative side job.

Joystik - September, 1982 - In the premier issue of the nearly infamous magazine, they managed to get inside of Vid Kidz' own Eugene Jarvis' mind and see what makes him tick.

Working Woman - November, 1982 - Ms. Pac Man - Even women magazines were in a frenzy about the rage of video games!

Business Week - November 1, 1982 - Zapping a Software Copier - A court case won to help prevent future pirating of arcade games.  Crazy Kong beware!

BC Cycle - November 16, 1982 - Video games:  Help or hazard to children's health? - Yet another article about the 'dangers' of videogames.

Business Week - December 6, 1982 - The first signs of the decline of video games. - Who knew what was to happen to the industry this time, next year?

BC Cycle - December 28, 1982 - Brock Hotel Corp.  grows steadily with few foot shootings - Because of their stupid rules of kids 18 and under to be accompanied by an adult, I missed out on months serious Q*bert time!

The MacNeil/Lehrer Report - December 29, 1982 - Pac-Man Perils - Even these guys had to get into the video game scene.  Read the transcript from this popular PBS show about how society reacted to video games.

The Washington Post - December 29, 1982 - Herndon Limits Firms To Three Video Games - Only three games per business?  It almost makes it not worth the effort of skipping school.

Facts on File World News Digest - December 31, 1982 - Video Games Assailed in Asia - And we thought we had is bad here in the U.S.   Learn how some Asian governments are passing laws to ban these games all together!

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