Herndon Limits Firs To Three Video Games

by Wendy Swallow

The Herndon town council has moved to control the proliferation of quarter-gobbling video games by restricting the number of video games that are to be allowed in one location.

Under the new rules, town businesses will be permitted to have only three games.  Arcades, where video games are the primary business, are banned outright.  There are currently none in town.

K-Mart, which operates a discount store in Herndon with 10 games, was allowed to keep its machines under a grandfather clause, but town manager Edwin Martin said no other exceptions would be made.

"It's not a problem yet, but it could get to be one if large developments of machines are allowed in," Martin said.

In other action, the council voted to request $860,000 from Fairfax County in community development block grant funds to add to the Herndon recreation center.  The funds would finance two racquetball courts, and excersice room, three general purpose rooms, rest rooms and some storage space.

Fairfax Supervisor Nancy K. Falck (R-Dranesville), whose district includes Herndon, said she didn't know if Herndon would get the full amount from the county this year.

"Community development funds have been cut back," Falck said, "But I want to make sure this project stays alive."   She promised to go back next year for the rest of the money if the project is only partially funded.

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