NOTE: This is just a follow-up from the original story. I am currently researching for the first article announcing Peter Bukowski's death. If you have the poriginal article, please contact me.

April 28, 1982, Wednesday

Officials are investigating whether an 18-year-old boy suffered a heart attack because of the stress of playing a video game, Deputy Lake County Coroner Mark Allen says. The youth died earlier this month while playing a video game in Calumet City, Ill. A University of Nebraska researcher, Dr. Robert Eliot, has released a study saying video games can be hazardous to people who may be susceptible to heart disease. Allen said Tuesday Peter Bukowski, 18, of South Holland, Ill., suffered a heart attack caused "by myocardial inflamation."

"We don't want to say yes or no whether the video game represents enough exertion to have brought on the attack," Allen said, but he added the possibility was under investigation

Newspaper source, unknown

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