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Eugene Jarvis shook the world and shook it hard.  At only 27 years old, he's able to claim creative credit for such giant video-game successes as Defender, Stargate, and Robotron.  He's part of a new breed, no doubt: the video-game designer.  And if Eugene Jarvis continues to match his past accomplishments, he will soon lead that video-game breed.

Jarvis is known throughout the video-game community for his double-edged talents.  He is both a creative game designer and a creative computer programmer.   Seldom are both talents combined in one frame.  Jarvis is also, as he himself says, a "rebel."  Although his rebellious attitude has caused problems in the past, he continues to "toy with it."  In other words, he says what he thinks.

Joystik editor Wayne Robert Williams talked with Jarvis at Vid Kidz - Jarvis' newly founded independent company in Chicago.  The discussion was a stream-of-conciousness triumph.  After three hours of cerebral battle, Williams had what we wanted: a critical insight into the workings of Jarvis' mind.

Jarvis graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science.  He's worked on pin-ball games at Atari in San Jose and on video-games at Williams Electronics in Chicago.

Robotron - although manufactured and distributed through Williams - is actually a Vid Kidz product.

Jarvis has always worked in idyllic environments.  Both Atari and Williams let the game designers do what they wanted - as long

Property of Joystik
Property of Joystik Property of Joystik


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