May 30, 1982, Sunday

Kyle Riley and Jo Linda Richardson had a very special -- and unique -- theme for their wedding Sunday: Pac-Man.

Not only were the aisles adorned with Pac-Man popcorn balls, the 450-pound wedding cake had four-foot high figures of Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man kissing on a tall pedestal overlooking a simulated playing field of the popular video game.

Riley, 31, and Mrs. Riley, 17, both of Des Moines, said Pac-Man has meant so much to them they decided to exchange vows in front of as much Pac-Man machine.

"We met, dated and fell in love playing Pac-Man..." the couple said.

Music from the musical single, "Pac-Man Fever," entertained guests in the reception ballroom of the Marriott Hotel, which also was decorated in the Pac-Man theme.  The bride's mother, Pat Richardson, said all the media attention did not bother her.

"It was a little hard to hear, but it was a very nice ceremony," she said.

The ceremony, of course, was held at the Valley West Mall's Fun Factory, a video arcade.

In addition to the 75 invited guests, the ceremony was witnessed by a small crowd of people who were waiting to see a movie at a theatre next door to the arcade.

The video game also will accompany the honeymooners on their wedding night.  The hotel's management has made arrangements for a Pac-Man game to be installed in their room, complete with a roll of quarters.

Newspaper Source, Unknown

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