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Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Buying Your Own Arcade Game

I bought this excellent condition Star Wars Cockpit from a local operator for $150.

First, read the RGVAC ( FAQ This will answer most questions and is a very informative piece of text.

Whether it is a particular game that you played in the arcades when you were 12, or just a piece of functional furniture, putting a classic video game into your home or office can be a great addition. Unfortunately, finding "the" game you are looking for can be huge task. There are tons of resources out there but unless you know where to look, they may be hard to find. Prices will also be different depending on where you buy and what you are looking for. You can expect to pay from $100-$800 for older games, while newer ones may be $1500-$2000. These prices depend alot on where you buy your game. Buying locally can save you money but ordering from a reseller can get you a pristine game.

Local Resources

Again... First you should read the Operator Buying FAQ!
Most areas have local operators and/or arcades that sell their games regularly. This is probably the easiest way to get your favorite game. Often prices will be displayed right on the game's marquee in arcades and they will somtimes deliver.

Contacting your local operator can sometimes be more time consuming and difficult but you are more likely to get a better price. The best way to find out *who* the operators in your area are, is to look in the yellow pages under "amusement devices". You can call them and get a good idea of availability and price range right on the phone. Keep this in mind though...Operators are very busy people and typically don't like people that "ask alot of questions", so keep it simple and to the point. If they have the game you are interested in, take the time to make an appointment so you can visually check out the game and make sure that it works to your satisfaction.


Auctions can be an extremely fun place to go and buy games. I personally have never been to an Amusement game auction but that is because Im in Laramie, Wyoming and Denver is lucky to have an action once a year.

But seriously, there are places in the US that have very regular auctions. My friend in Charlottesville, VA has an amusement auction within 2 hours of his house every month or so. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages to auctions, so you should read the Auction Buying FAQ first.

Other Sources

Strangely enough, there are alot of people that deal in the resale of video games to home users. While they aren't that common in all areas, they can ship a game to you for a remarkably resonable price. The other advantage to buying from a game reseller is that games are cleaned and repaired before they are sold. This way, you are buying a low maintenence item. These resellers also have alot of contacts are are more likely to have the game you are looking for if it is an obscure one. Check out these links for Video Game Resellers...

    All Tech Vending
    Ken has Pins, Vids and Jukes for sale and for rent. Located in Poughkeepsie NY

    SB Amusements
    Video Games, Pinball and Jukeboxes. Steve sold me a Hyperball machine :-) Located in Austin Texas

    Fabulous Fantasies
    Video Games, Pinball and Jukeboxes. Located in Southern California.

    TNT Amusements
    Large showroom that you can visit if you are in the Pennsylvania area.

    John's Jukes
    John Robertson has tons of games for sale, he is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


If you have any suggestions and/or game resources that you think I should add to this page, please let me know by emailing me: Jess Askey.

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