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Addresse FAQ

Addresses FAQ for

Original information by Rick Schieve (

Incorporated into a FAQ and currently maintained by Tony Jones (

WWW version by Frederic Vecoven

We NEED additions, corrections and (especially) more precise information about the products each supplier offers. If you have any information, please send me details - THANKS.


Game Manufacturers

 Atari Games			Documentation is available for $14 per
 737 Sycamore Drive		game (usually a photocopy, but an 
 Milpitas, CA 95035		original if they still have them in 
 408 434 3700  			stock)

Complaints: Often the photocopies are not of the greatest quality, especially the reduced size copies of the old large schematics. If you choose to complain, please remember that most other manufacturers do not offer such a service, and certainly not for such old games.

 BestCo (Electrohome Electronics)
 214 721 0258

 Nintendo of America Inc.
 P0 Box 957
 Redmond, WA 98052

 Sega Enterprises, Inc.
 2149 Paragon Dr.
 P.0.  Box 610550
 San Jose, CA 95161-0550 USA

 Sega Amusements (Europe, Ltd.)
 Unit 6, Churchill Court, 58 Station Road
 North Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 7SA, England
 +44 81 863 7737   
 +44 81 863 5354 (fax)

 Strata Group, Inc.
 709 W. Algonquin Road
 Arlington Heights, Il 60005
 800 262 0323
 708 437 2704
 708 437 2473 (fax)

 Tecmo (Tehkan)		
 800 228 0336

 Wells Gardner Electronics
 Chicago, IL
 312 252 8220

 Williams/Bally/Midway 		Games older than 5 years are no longer 
 3401 North California Avenue	officially supported. However, if you 
 Chicago, IL  60618-5899	ask nicely, you may get some technical
 312 509 6573 (tech support) 	advice.

Game Manufacturers no longer in business.

The following game manufacturers are known to no longer be trading. Operators, independent suppliers or fellow rgva.collector readers are your best chance for spare parts and information.


General Amusement Suppliers (new)

Note: many of these companies charge private individuals for a catalog (i.e $5 for WICO). Catalogs are free for companies, and you will usually qualify for operator prices - come up with a company name.

 Amusement Emporium
 6880 South Emporia Street
 Englewood, Colorado, 80112
 800 525 7059

 Competitive Products Corp.
 River Road Building #5
 Tullytown, PA 19007
 800 562 7283

 313 477 2200

 Peach State			Good prices on replacement BattleZone
 800 727 3224			centering bellows ($22). Make sure you
				ask for operator prices, make up a
				company name

 Space Age Electronics		Often have cheap video monitors
 26524 Golden Valley Road, 	(13"-$150 19"-$170 August 1993)
 Suite 507
 Saugus, CA 91350
 800 822 0280

 Vending Solutions
 314 776 2722


Video Game Parts Suppliers (new)

 2301 Olive St.
 St. Louis, MO 63103	
 (314) 421 5100

 213 388 9338

 407 679 8007

 Louise's Harness Shop,		Replacement and custom wiring harnesses
 100 Spring Street,
 Al 35674

 Mazzco Game Supply		Stock distributor prices (expensive), 
 Chicago, IL			but they appear to have items no longer
 800 292 4491			available new.

 Red Baron Amusements 		They usually sell newer conversion kits 
 6540 W. Central		but may have some older boards.
 Toledo, OH 43617
 800 331 3766

Video Game Parts Suppliers (used)

 Alpha Amusements		Good selection. 
 800 33 GAMES			
Complaints: be sure to have them confirm what they will be shipping. We have heard stories of badly botched orders.

 219 256 1138

 Eldorado Games			Slow and eccentric, with very expensive 
 CA				prices but a great selection of old 	
 714 535 3300			boards and those hard to find parts.

 Southeast Game Brokers Inc
 813 855 1080
 The Game Exchange		They sell used games and kits.
 P.O. Box 09598	
 Columbus, Ohio 43209-0598
 614 258 2933

 Vicco Electronics		Laser disk games and LD 100 players
 619 322 4000

 Video Connection		Mainly conversion kits from games 1-5 
 1150 Industrial Place #110,	years old. Fair selection of old boards 
 Dixon, CA 95620		too. Reputable, fair prices, fast 
 800 444 6854			service. Good catalog too.
 916 678 5189

Electronic Parts Suppliers

Note: many of these companies charge private individuals for a catalog Catalogs are usually free for companies - come up with a company name.

If you can't find what you want here, check the Yellow Pages, under 'Electronic Suppliers' or similar. In addition, many surplus stores have large selections of old obsolete components - and they are usually cheap.

 Aero Electronics		Obsolete components
 800 833 3557

 Allied Electronics
 800 433 5700

 Altex				Obsolete components
 Dallas, TX			Williams DRAMs
 800 531 5369

 Arrow Electronics		AM6012 DACs
 800 93ARROW

 Bell Industries		Obsolete components
 Dallas, TX
 800 525 6666

 B&G Micro 			Surplus. Good prices on erased EPROMS
 214 271 5546

 Debco Electronics 		Good prices on erased EPROMS
 800 423 4499
 513 531 4499

 Digi_Key 			Expensive, but good selection. 
 800 344 4539			All named brands.

 Landsdale			Obsolete components
 602 438 0123

 Luke Systems Intl		Obsolete components
 818 991 9373

 Marshall Industries		Obsolete components
 800 522 0084

 Mouser Electronics	
 800 346 6873

 Newark Electronics
 1 708 495 7740

 Surplus Inventory Locators	Give them the hard to find part#, they
 206 863 8506			will give you the name and number of a 
				vendor who does (and occasionally 'did')
				sell the component in question.

 Rochester Electronics		Obsolete components
 508 462 9332

 Zanen Electronics 		Monitor 'get well' kits, all the parts 
 806 793 6337			you need to fix most monitor problems. 
				They sell a kit for the WG K6100 (used 
				in Tempest)
				Also, active-low to active-hi monitor 
				conversion boards useful for Nintendo 
				game conversions.

 Zeus Components		Obsolete components
 800 833 3557

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