Williams Pharaoh (1981) Rulesheet

by Jess Askey

General Description:

Pharaoh was Williams 4th classic 2-level game. It was also right after the large success of Black Knight and before the tight years where video games started killing pinball earnings. Because of this, it seems that the design team for Pharaoh had enough money and time to make a great overall game. Pharaoh was the last two level game to have speech. Pharaoh only has a 2-ball multiball but with the small lower PF and larger upper PF, a 3-ball multiball may have been a bit overwhelming. Pharaoh was also one of the last Williams games to use tth old chrome 3-slot coin door. The production run for Pharaoh was 2500 games.

Playfield Description:

The playfield configuration for Pharaoh is more like a mirror image of a Black Knight. The upper and lower PF's are split along a diagonal line going from the lower left to the upper right. The Upper PF is actually the bigger of the two PF's (unlike all the other 2-level games) which makes playing the ball on the lower PF very fast. Keeping the ball on the upper PF is a very important strategy. The two PF's are connected by only two(2) ramps. The ball enters the upper PF in the very top right corner of the game and falls out over the top of the right ramp. Going around the upper PF clockwise, there is a large slingshot along the lower right side of the entire upper PF, with a mini-flipper(Addams Family Thing Flip's sized) at the bottom right. Between the two upper flippers is the top of the left ramp. The left flipper is standard sized. Directly to the left of the left flipper is a ball gate which is the exit from the lower PF's Hidden Tomb(see below). Above the ball gate is a vertially oriented 3-bank of drop targets. At the top of the left set of drop targets is the Slaves Tomb, a small lane that loops around to a kicker. Directly to the right of the Slaves Tomb is the other 3-bank of drop targets. Next, to the right, is another small lane with a kickout hole.

Major Features:

Multiball - Magna-Saves - These are pretty straighforward. Every drop target on the lower PF earns you a magna-save on the same side as the target. You ca have up to five(5) magna-saves per side at one time. When the magna-save buttons are pushed, the magnet is pulsed on for as long as you hold down the button or until you run out of magna-save units. Magna-save units last about 1 second if the button is held down.