TL173L, TL173C
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The TL173L and TL173C are low-cost magnetic field sensors designed to provide a linear output voltage proportional to the magnetic field they sense. These monolothic circuits incorporate a Hall element as the primary sensor along with a voltage reference and a precision amplifier. Temperature stabilization and internal trimming circuitry yield a device that features high overall sensitivity accuracy with less then 5% error over its operating temperature range.

The TL173L is characterized for operation from -20C to 85C. The TL173C is characterized for operation from 0C to 70C.

Functional Block Diagram
Fuctional Block Diagram

Absolute maximum ratings over operating free-air temperature range (unless otherwise noted)

1. Voltage values are with respect to network ground terminal.
2. For operation above 25C free-air temperature, aerate linearly at the rate of 6.2 mW/C

Recommended operating conditions
Supply Voltage, Vcc10.81213.210.81213.2V
Magnetic flux density, B--+/- 50--+/- 50mT
Output Current, IoSink--0.5--0.5mA
Operating free-air temperature, TA-20-850-70C

Definitions of Magnetic Flux polarity


The circuits in Figure 3 may be used to set the output voltage at zero field strenght to exactly 6V (using R1), and to set the sensitivity to exactly -15 V/T (using R2), as depicted in Figure 4.

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