Sega wants you in the cockpit of the Enterprise

Sega Electronics, Inc. has unveiled a space age cockpit version of their exciting new STAR TREK Strategic Operations Simulator, a game that recreates battle conditions encountered by Federation Starships while on patrol.

Boldly styled in white, impact-resistant plastic and smoked plexiglass, Sega's STAR TREK Strategic Operations Simulator cockpit greatly enhances the player's fantasy of actually sitting in the captain's chair on the Starship Enterprise.

Standing 55" tall, 34" wide and 63" long, the cockpit to the simulator game weighs 450 pounds.  The player controls are located on the arms of the captain's chair, just as they are in the Star Trek movies and long-running television series.  Dynamic sound effects take on added impact through duel-speaker systems that totally compliments the fantastic game experience.

Designed to challenge al players from beginners to the most advanced, the STAR TREK Strategic Operations Simulator presents a series of 40 exciting and colorful simulation levels.  With the awesome powers of the mighty Starship Enterprise, he/she sits prepared to repel the dreaded Klingon menace with all the Phasers, Photon Torpedoes, Impulse Power and Warp at the ready.

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