Keep those quarters close at hand!

Now the video arcade enthusiast has gained enough notoriety to inspire a line of arcade accessories.  Many companies have begun to direct attention to those regular customers of commercial arcades who must shuffle a number of items while attempting to use both hands on video game play.

One of the very newest additions to this line of arcade accessories is called the VCH and is put out by Nicoletti Productions.  This little goody is a strong and durable holder for all those quarters that put holes in the pockets of your best pants or weigh down your favorite purse.  The VCH (Video Coin Holder) is designed to live with the active arcade game player for an extended period.

The VCH is able to hold up to $9.00 in quarters, the equivalent of 36 plays.  It has been made with the highest quality materials and attaches securely to any belt.   Players sporting the VCH have easy access to their coins by lifting the velcro flap and sliding out the desired coins.  A transparent coin holder inside allows the player to view the number of coins at any time.

For the fashion-conscious among you, the VCH comes in an assortment of colors: Galactic Red, Electric Blue,

Lunar Lavendar [sic], Cosmic Black, Military Camo [sic], Orbit Green.  It sells for $7.95.  Nicoletti Productions, manufactures of the VCH, may be contacted at

Address omitted, besides, it's been over 15 really think they're still in business selling these?

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