Esquire - February, 1981

Invasion of the Asteroids - Gucci's?  Three-pieced suits? Stuffing quarters into Asteroids?  What's going on here!?

Programmers' notes: How to Win at Asteroids - Still need that cutting edge to get the all time score using the arcade emulators?  See what the programmers had to say about the game.

Newsweek - February 23, 1981 - The Asteroids Are Coming - The problem with arcades aren't teens cutting classes, it's the lawyers and accountants who are overrunning them!

Smithsonian - September, 1981 - A generation meets computers on the playing fields of Atari - Smithsonian did an excellent article on the brainstorming of Atari programmers.

Newsweek - November 16, 1981 - Invasion of the Video Creatures - A nice article discussing the pop-culture of videogames and how it's affecting our society.

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